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Ramadan Beverages

This year, Ramadan falls during the summer season which makes it more important for Muslims to hydrate well after breaking their fast. Aside from water, there are many beverages that are popular during Ramadan.

This Artist Fights ISIS With A 3D Printer

When Morehshin Allahyari saw a video of ISIS fighters destroying ancient artifacts in the Mosul Museum, she was inspired to start a new project. “Material Speculation: ISIS” is a 3D-printing project that re-creates some of the most important artifacts destroyed by the group.

Little hope in Gaza ruins a year after devastating war

In the ruins of what used to be his home, Gaza Strip resident Rabah Abu Shanab reflects on what used to be - and what little hope remains. "We were doing better a year ago," the 57-year-old said while sitting on a plastic chair in his living room, now just concrete slabs and twisted iron bars.

Drones will tear us apart: Pakistani pop’s war fixation

A lover's eyes compared to a drone strike, a smile to a suicide bomb and lips to fire. The violence of Pakistan's bloody insurgency has been injected into catchy pop lyrics after more than a decade of war against Islamists opposed to all forms of song and dance.

Al Zahrawi: Pioneer of modern surgery

Unlike many doctors and hospitals in the 'modern' world today, Al-Zahrawi insisted on seeing patients regardless of their financial status. By seeing a wide variety of patients every day and recording his treatment of them, he left behind a very valuable text of medical knowledge that he called Al-Tasrif.

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